At Times the Violence Seems Unbearable

by Larry

At times the violence in the world seems overbearing and extremely powerful. Even when movies like “I Am” come out and discuss how we are all interconnected and living with one another in peace and harmony is in everybody’s DNA. Even when a genius college student decides to teach a homeless man to write computer code and create his own App to help reduce carbon emissions and save the environment. Even when an 80 year old woman looses her husband and finds rebirth in her lost art of dancing.

Who is going to win the war? The societal war between harmony and conflict. Would the world be a better place if everybody took up the practice of meditation. I have recently started meditating again. While I have done it periodically in the past I am trying to take my practice more seriously this time around. Even my daughters have become interested in doing short bursts of sitting meditation. At 9 and 13, even they can feel the relaxing and peaceful nature it brings to them. Is the true reality revealed in that there is even an interconnection between good and evil? I mean how can we understand what peace is if we don’t have war. Maybe the opposites are compulsory the way the poles of the earth are. While I don’t have all the answers, I hope I have the courage to ask the questions that lead to the peaceful answers. Andy Weir wrote a short story called “The Egg” that sums up this dichotomy in a beautiful and succinct manner. While I know I have referenced it before, it still is embedded in my brain. Even if it may only be utopian fiction in Andy’s mind it gracefully melds the evil and good of the world that I struggle to comprehend.