Why is Tonight Different?

by Larry

0000 maztaAs you may or may not know, tonight is the first Seder for the start of Passover. This is the Jewish Holiday that celebrates the Jewish people being liberated from slavery. Sure I am Jewish and sure I celebrate it but there are a few other very interesting coincidences that I wanted to bring to your attention. While I won’t go into the reasoning since you can look it up on The Google, there is a recurrence of the number 4 in the Seder. Well today just happens to be 4/14/14. A lot of fours, huh? Also, tonight just happens to be a full lunar eclipse in which the Earth will passover the Moon and block the sun. Ok, so it is not really passing over since the earth is technically passing between the moon and the sun. Stop getting technical as you are ruining my blog post.

0000 eclipse

I always find it fascinating when these types of coincidences occur. Even though if you have enough Seders, enough dates, and enough eclipses, at some point they are bound to coincide. It’s just built into the structure of an infinite universe. Even though I have been blogging like a mad man I have yet to see many comments on my posts. For the few of you that have already commented on one of my posts, I thank you a ton. You make me feel like I am human and not just talking to myself. With that, I am calling on all shy lurkers to leave a comment and let me know what coincidences you have noticed that your find fascinating. This is your chance to wow me with your strange but true experiences. I look forward to seeing your comments. Enjoy the rest of your 04/14/14, have a great Passover (if you celebrate), and enjoy the Eclipse tonight.