Half Way Home

by Larry

00000 April 15thHere I am half way through my April Blog-A-Thon. For those of you just joining for the first time, thanks for coming. I have been in a self imposed challenge to post one blog everyday for the month of April. And this being April 15th is my 15th blog, which puts me half way to the finish line. Thank God I already finished my taxes two weeks ago. I am beginning to understand what a marathon runner must feel in exhausting mile 13. While there is very little physical effort in writing everyday for 30 days, there is certainly a high amount of mental strain and necessary discipline to be successful. My feet are not running a marathon but my neurons are. Mental fatigue is certainly gaining traction and the need for synaptic Gatorade is setting in.

I am still also feeling the effects of writing everyday with very little proof that anybody is reading my posts. Sure there have been a few likes and followers here in there and I thank those who have done so. I still, however, feel trapped in the Pump Up the Volume movie. Its just too bad there is no Eat Me Beat Me Lady to make things just a tad more interesting. If you haven’t seen the movie, just pretend you didn’t read those last two lines despite how absurd they may seem. Or better yet, watch the movie and come back to the post to laugh along with us.

If I was smart, I would have mapped out exactly what I was going to write about everyday for 30 days prior to starting this challenge. That, however, is just too much planner for a procrastinator like me. Although I think my posts are better because they are more stream of consciousness writing rather than bland preplanned blubber. Yes I did just figure out a way to include the word “blubber” in my blog post even if it doesn’t fit there very well. What can I say, no glove ever fits perfectly. I always used to kind of dislike those YouTube videos where they encourage you to comment below but I am beginning to understand their constant directional verbiage. They are just trying to make sure they are not talking to the air. At this point, I have done enough pleading. Even if nobody comments, follows, or listens anymore I will at least be a better writer at the end of these 30 days.

So do I sound too much like James Altucher? If so, I take that as a compliment. And with that, I am half way there. Feet, uh I mean, mind don’t fail me now.