Back from a Blogging Coma

by Larry

00000000 awakenDamn I have been slacking. I must have been in a blog coma. When I am trying to get back on track. It has kind of been a sucky morning since I have this awful cough for about a week now and this morning it is 5:40am and I can’t sleep because of it. To make things even more fun (sarcasm), my lower back is beginning to ache because of all the coughing I am doing. Aren’t you glad I am back blogging again
(more sarcasm).

Ironically, outside of the coughing and sore back I am actually having a pretty good weekend. My daughter was in an ice skating show and she did great and it was fun to watch. The rest of the weekend has been comprised of relaxing and watching sports such as the Stanley Cup Finals, the Belmont Stakes, and baseball. Not sure what I will do today but hopefully my back pain will subside so I can go to the gym and I will most likely get a haircut.

You have to be sick by now of this stream of consciousness crap so I will end it here.