When the Only View is YOU!

by Larry

00000 aloneI am not sure which is worse, no views on my blog or the only view being me. When writing becomes your only therapist it doesn’t really matter now does it? I read all these stories about bloggers or twitterers (yes I made that up) who just started writing and before they knew it they were literary Gods. Do I expect to ever get there… Hell No! But 100 followers would feel pretty good. Hey, I might even be almost half way there. I try not to check the stats incessantly like halitosis man brushes his teeth. That being said, we could all use a literary hug once in awhile.

So if you don’t want to like this blog or follow it, at least click on the link below instead for a free hug of your own. I have no affiliation whatsoever, except that I have watched it once before myself. If nothing else, it should make you smile.

Free Hugs click HERE

See you next post!!