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Month: May, 2017

Variance is a Gut Punch

seven duece offMy passion is poker, a game in which the best player doesn’t always win.  There is a certain percentage of luck so in the short run any crappy player can win and any very good player can lose.  In the long run, however, the good players win and the bad players lose.  That doesn’t change the fact that every session is a boxing match and in some matches the variance is going to give you a gut punch and knock you out cold.

While mentally I understand variance, there is still some mental and emotional pain that always seems to follow a train wreck session in which you drive perfectly on the rails but still end up with a demolition. Last night was one of those nights.  70% favorite, lose.  80% favorite, lose. Long term favorite, win.  In the short run, it still hurts.

That’s poker folks!


A New Found Respect for Video Editors

video editingI am starting to dive deeper into video editing.  Up to this point, for my YouTube channel, I have only been editing using the iMovie App on my phone.  This evening I decided I wade into the deep end of the video editing pool.  I wanted more features and capabilities than iMovie had to offer and downloaded a free version of VideoPad.  I decided to try it because I read that it was easy to use but also had a multitude of robust features.

Boy was I surprised when I realized not only the number of advanced features but how difficult it was to learn and work through using them.  I felt like Edward Scissorhands trying to eat pasta.  Some of the simple features I could quickly learn and implement but when it came to putting an entire edited video together it was far from easy.

This whole editing business got me thinking.  What must it be like editing a professional full length feature film?  How do so many  movies make it to the big screen? Those video editors must have to live, sleep, eat, and dream about video editing.  I bow to their black-belt skills.  As for me, I just want to get comfortable using a simple yet highly functional editing program for my rudimentary YouTube videos.  Hopefully I will one day become as comfortable with the simple desktop editing software as I have become with the iMovie App.  Until then, maybe I should just stick to blogging.  Although it certainly took some time getting used to WordPress.  I guess in life the learning never stops.