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Medical Roller Coaster

000 roller-coasterI wish I could say I was a new rider on the medical roller coaster but I am a seasoned veteran. It’s kind of par for the course when you have a special needs child, two parents growing older in which one has heart disease and diabetes, a father-in-law with Parkinson’s, a dead friend from HIV, various co-workers get thrown out of the seats of life, and myself in multiple car accidents. Of course there is always too many funerals to count due to close relatives passing away. Their amusement tickets have clearly expired. When you think through medical incidents in your life you may start to get depressed. But there are two things that I have begun to realize:

  1. These unfortunate incidents happen to everyone and are just twists and turns in the coaster ride.
  2. You can’t truly appreciate the good without some of the bad.

Sure there are always going to be people that have it better than me but there will also always be people that have it worse. With just over 7 Billion people on earth you have a much better chance of winning the lottery twice than being the person that has it the absolute best or the absolute worst.

What has me thinking about this today is two events. My youngest daughter having an MRI today to finalize whether or not she will need growth hormone injections due to a deficiency and my Dad having colon surgery tomorrow. Both instances would probably freak most out big time but my oldest daughter has already been taking growth hormone for years and my Dad already survived triple bi-pass surgery years since past. Welcome to the silver lining that turns to gold.

You have to appreciate what you have. Being 42, my life could very well be close to half over. You have to appreciate the upswings of the ride or the downswings will dribble your life away with you not even noticing. Welcome to my pick you up post. What do you mean it’s not working? Thanks for being my unknown therapist and reading through my blog today. You will probably be the one view in my blog stats that I check later this week. One is better than none. Yes, I still stick to optimism like duck tape sticks to scorpions. Never mind, that analogy is just for us desert dwellers.


At Times the Violence Seems Unbearable

At times the violence in the world seems overbearing and extremely powerful. Even when movies like “I Am” come out and discuss how we are all interconnected and living with one another in peace and harmony is in everybody’s DNA. Even when a genius college student decides to teach a homeless man to write computer code and create his own App to help reduce carbon emissions and save the environment. Even when an 80 year old woman looses her husband and finds rebirth in her lost art of dancing.

Who is going to win the war? The societal war between harmony and conflict. Would the world be a better place if everybody took up the practice of meditation. I have recently started meditating again. While I have done it periodically in the past I am trying to take my practice more seriously this time around. Even my daughters have become interested in doing short bursts of sitting meditation. At 9 and 13, even they can feel the relaxing and peaceful nature it brings to them. Is the true reality revealed in that there is even an interconnection between good and evil? I mean how can we understand what peace is if we don’t have war. Maybe the opposites are compulsory the way the poles of the earth are. While I don’t have all the answers, I hope I have the courage to ask the questions that lead to the peaceful answers. Andy Weir wrote a short story called “The Egg” that sums up this dichotomy in a beautiful and succinct manner. While I know I have referenced it before, it still is embedded in my brain. Even if it may only be utopian fiction in Andy’s mind it gracefully melds the evil and good of the world that I struggle to comprehend.