Top 5 Driving Pet Peeves

by Larry

0000 drivingPeople probably don’t realize but driving is actually a privilege not a right. Rights you automatically get as a person where as privileges you have to earn. You have the privilege to drive because you passed your driving test and don’t get into too much trouble when driving. Those that do get into too much trouble have their licenses revoked.

Almost 5 years ago I was in a nasty rollover accident. A woman lost control of her car at high speed, came onto the other side of the median and hit the car I was a passenger in almost head on. It caused the car I was in to rollover and we ended upside down with some pretty hefty injuries. I am not going to get into all the gory details but let’s just say this accident led to more mental anguish than physical. Before the accident I was concerned about the way others drove and now I am hyper-concerned. While not all of these maybe dangerous, below are my top 5 driving pet peeves:

1. Tailgating – This is especially frustrating when the driver is tailgating somebody in the right lane. If you want to get over, move to the left lane which is also known as the fast lane. Also, do these drivers not realize that the closer they drive to the car in front of them the more risk they are putting themselves in. In the case of a quick stop they are going to need to be laser quick on their break to avoid a major accident. Leave some room folks and you just may save your life and the life of the individual driving in front of you.

2. Driving Through a Red Traffic Control Light
– A red light is a red light. Just because it maybe only a traffic control light doesn’t give you the right to blow right through it if there are no cars in line. Any red light you run is against the law, period!

3. Turning in Front of An Oncoming Car at the Last Minute and Accelerating Slowly – I can understand at times judging things wrong or even being a little bit of a hurry and trying to turn quickly before an oncoming car gets too close. It’s not exactly safe to do this anyway, but if you are going to do it accelerate quickly after turning. If you are in that much of a hurry that you need to turn in front of an oncoming car than you should be in a hurry enough to accelerate quickly.

4. Merging Onto the Freeway Slowly
– The freeway is a fast moving highway without any lights. In order to merge properly, you need to gain enough speed to match the traffic on the freeway. I have even seen cars that ultimately drive fast once on the freeway, merge slowly. If you are going to drive fast anyway, why not do it before you have to get on the freeway?

5. Bicycle Riders Who Don’t Obey Traffic Laws – While this technically doesn’t qualify as a driving pet peeve it’s my blog so it’s my rules. Have you ever seen those bike stickers that say “Share the Road?” While I agree wholeheartedly, it drives me crazy (pun intended) to see somebody on a bicycle just blow through a red light because it is clear. Or a bike rider who doesn’t use their hand to signal when they are turning. If you want us car drivers to share the road with you then you must obey the same rules.

There you have it. My top 5 driving pet peeves. Next time you are out driving your car, please remember to be safe and obey the rules. Driving may seem like something mundane you do everyday but an accident due to lack of safety can quickly ruin a good day and maybe even a good life.