Is Blogging Once a Day for a Month Possible?

by Larry

I have been watching many YouTube channels recently to see what is popular. Based on my research I have determined that the two keys to channel popularity are…

1. Voyeuristic tendencies such as public pranks and using strange tactics to interact with strangers


2. The ability to just plain upload video blogs on a regular basis.

I know it sounds strange but you can be pretty boring on YouTube, just like this blog post, and still massively increase your viewership (in this case readership) just by posting regularly and at a high frequency. At this point I am too new to the YouTube creation world to start there, but I thought I might try blogging once a day, every day, for a month. While this is my first back to back post (yes I posted yesterday), I am not quite ready to take the plunge. So I am gearing up with this post and will hopefully blog once a day for a month starting April 1st. And no this is not an early April Fool’s joke.

I hope to blog again soon this month but stay tuned next month for a blog post everyday. The thought is already beginning to frighten me although I don’t know why. Yes I feel like Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume who is talking on the radio and thinks that nobody is listening. Are you listening?? Are you out there?? If so, feel free to comment.

Thanks, Goodnight…. stop reading and go to bed already!