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Life Rant and What Not – I’m Back

000-bonesAlright my blog listening peeps. What am I saying? Who listen’s to a blog??… forget that thought.

I know you believed that I would never post again but I am proving you wrong right NOW!! Trust me, I know how you think. Technology has utterly failed me over the last week and a half but I am not even the slightly bit downtrodden. OK, so I am but I won’t let it get to me. Because I do understand that despite its troubles, our technology today is unbelievably amazing. The smart phone you are using right now is infinitely better and more powerful than the super computer we used just a decade ago. So I am feeling fine about my technology frustrations because our technology works 98.1567461537516% of the time. Maybe soon I will get my iTunes up and running and the backup loaded onto my slick new iPhone 7. Although how slick can it be if it can’t access my backed up data? Not real sure about the answer but that’s something for you, my readers, to contemplate.

The other thing I have been thinking about, although not really ranting about, is my lack of international travel. I am itching like a flea inflicted dog to go somewhere out of the country. The city of choice has been narrowed down to Beijing. That decision was etched in concrete when i realized that I can travel there round trip for $535!! I am blown away that I can fly to China and back for this price. Will it happen? That remains to be seen, considering all my commitments at home. You just have to hope that I don’t meander away again from my blogging adventure. Hang with me for a few short months. Travel to China is only cheap in October, November, and December so if I truly want to go it’s time to get off the pot. Plan now or die trying. Until next time.

P.S. What does the bones picture have to do with the blog content? Nothing!! It just looked cool.

I Hope Justice is Infinite – The Long Overdue Blog Post

000000 beer and bookI wish I could say that my hiatus was intentional. Posting regularly is just somewhat of a chore for me at times, I was a teenager ignoring his chores like the pink elephant in the room.

This morning on my way home from work I saw a pink cotton candy explosion in the clouds. Coming up with this metaphor brought me back to the page or screen if you may. I have switched to an overnight weekend 3 X 12 schedule at work and so far it fits me like a glove (Yes, everyone once in awhile I tap into trite sayings).

I have finally put into play the Tim Ferriss concept of less work for more pay.

The trailer of “The End of the Tour” drew me back into trying again to read Infinite Jest. The epic David Foster Wallace behemoth. I am rapidly making progress and I am nearing the half way point. I am focusing on enjoyment of the eloquent writing rather than trying to grasp every sand grain of the story. I was hoping to finish the book before seeing the movie but I am too eager and will dash those hopes later this week. Maybe I will write about the movie or maybe I will take another writing hiatus. Hopefully the former.

The reintroduction to the blog screen feels soft and cuddly. Will it remain that way? At least for now it will.

Practice Makes Improvement and the Power of Consistency

Weekly Calendar Chalk DrawingLast night, after my blog post, I was reading through a bunch of my previous posts. I know this sounds corny, but I was actually impressed with some of my earlier work. The most impressive pieces were written in April of 2014 when I was trying to challenge myself to write a blog post everyday for a month. Coincidentally, this was also the month in which I receive the most blog views. In other words, consistency brought more viewers to my blog. Sensical?? Of course!! I also like to think that my improved writing was a factor. Looking back, there was only one month that was even close to April 2014 in terms of views. That was September of 2013, the first month I started by blog. That part seems kind of strange, especially since the first month should be the hardest to get people to view and read your posts.

Many people think that one of the keys to viewership is promoting a blog. I have not done this as of yet and my blog is like a mask that is glued to my face. I am not ready for the big reveal. Therefore, the popularity of viewed posts can’t have anything to do with promoting. All this leads me to believe that there is one additional factor outside of consistency and improvement. That factor is basically, the early hype. Not sure how this early hype can happen with an unknown blog but I kind of think of it as the “Grand Opening” affect. The grand opening brings in streams of new people to test out the new concept and then the hype just trickles away.

What does all this mean. It means I am going to try to be more consistent in my blog posts. I don’t expect you to share this with others, but if you do that would certainly make things interesting. Especially if it disproves everything I have said up to this point.

Here We Are – April 1st

000 April 2014So here we are, April 1st. The first day of my attempt to post a new blog everyday for a month. While this is only my first post I am already feeling nervous and scared. How am I really going to be able to come up with 30 new ideas? Why in the heck am I even attempting this? I really don’t think I have it in me. This is going to be extremely difficult. I don’t think I can do it! I really think I should give up. I just can’t do it! I can’t believe I am already giving up! This is ridiculous!! Who cares? Nobody is even listening. I quit, I really quit!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh… I failed!!

000 down arrow

April Fools!

See you tomorrow.

Is Blogging Once a Day for a Month Possible?

I have been watching many YouTube channels recently to see what is popular. Based on my research I have determined that the two keys to channel popularity are…

1. Voyeuristic tendencies such as public pranks and using strange tactics to interact with strangers


2. The ability to just plain upload video blogs on a regular basis.

I know it sounds strange but you can be pretty boring on YouTube, just like this blog post, and still massively increase your viewership (in this case readership) just by posting regularly and at a high frequency. At this point I am too new to the YouTube creation world to start there, but I thought I might try blogging once a day, every day, for a month. While this is my first back to back post (yes I posted yesterday), I am not quite ready to take the plunge. So I am gearing up with this post and will hopefully blog once a day for a month starting April 1st. And no this is not an early April Fool’s joke.

I hope to blog again soon this month but stay tuned next month for a blog post everyday. The thought is already beginning to frighten me although I don’t know why. Yes I feel like Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume who is talking on the radio and thinks that nobody is listening. Are you listening?? Are you out there?? If so, feel free to comment.

Thanks, Goodnight…. stop reading and go to bed already!