Our Need it Now Internet Addiction

by Larry

Last night we had a major crisis in our house. Nobody got hurt or was about to be hurt. We lost our WiFi and/or internet connection. I am not enough of a computer geek to know which and my wife was the one to fix it (proving my lack of computer geeky-ness) . Now at first glance this may seem like no big deal but I found myself reaching for my phone at least 6 times in the hour we didn’t have access. Sure I had a phone signal and could access the internet that way but I just couldn’t handle the sloggy turtle nature of it. And yes I just invented the word sloggy.

From looking up a simple item, to seeing what our friends are doing on Facebook, to Tweeting, to Instagraming, to Pintristing. Even my kids weren’t happy because their Kindle access was disconnected. How did we become so addicted to this need to have information immediately at our fingertips at anytime of day or night? How did we used to survive without immediately knowing, at our fingertips, what the Miley Cyrus was doing between her Oscar performance and going to the bathroom. It has gotten that bad. Am I going to point the finger at you for having this addiction?? Absolutely not, as I have it to. So onto the five step program to resolve this addiction…

1. Turn off your computer
2. Don’t panic
3. Turn off your Phone
4. Don’t panic

“What, Did you Say turn OFF your phone?”… Yes, and DON’T PANIC!

5. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.

I am not sure how we got to this place in our society even though I certainly understand its advantages. I also understand that sometimes we need a break. So go outside, take a walk, hear the birds, meditate, or heck even go in the bathroom and take a shit without distractions. NO YOU CANNOT BRING YOUR PHONE!

Good Luck and don’t forget the steps.