Learning About Comfort in Solitude

by Larry

When you have a family like I do (a wife, two kids, and not to mention a dog), you get used to a lot of noise in the house. I often hear people say… “boy what wouldn’t I give for some peace and quiet.” But when the peace and quiet finally sneak up on them and become a reality, they are often faced with utter discomfort. The noise has become our body and mind’s security blanket. Don’t get be wrong, human interaction and companionship are very important. In fact, society often shuns those who don’t seek it out. Even I used to like spending time in solitude. It was a mental time out from life’s many stressors. But that was over 16 years ago. Long before I had a wife and kids. But as I sit here on my own, with my wife and kids out of town, I am slowly relearning the joys of solitude. Sure, at times, the TV tries to lure me into its visual racket. But the more moments I spend by myself, the easier it is to resist life’s digital temptations. Solitude is a test of the mind’s ability to handle the emptiness of chaos free environment. It’s a forced meditation with no bell to signal the end. You choose the end based on when you decide to let the in the static. But the next time this happens to you, I urge you to try meeting the silent air half way. Resist the temptation to run to the familiar. Learn to find comfort in solitude’s blissful holiday.