Where Does Eating Bugs Stand on the Diet Style Continuum

by Larry

0000 cricketsTwo nights ago there was a guy on Shark Tank who uses cricket flour to make protein bars. As I see it there are four dividers between four different diet styles which are as follows: Carnivore — Omnivore — Vegetarian — Vegan. I was wondering if eating crickets jumps an individual from one style to another style. Believe it or not the pun was not intended. The crazy subliminal mind rears its wacky head.

Being a vegetarian myself I am in no hurry to eat bugs but I am interested in potentially trying their protein bar. I am unworried about how this would change where I stand on the continuum. After all, my vegetarianism originated mostly for health reasons. Currently I would say its still 75% health related but I definitely don’t like killing animals and understand some of the horrid conditions that go along with the meat industry. I do tend to prefer to take bugs out of my house and put them outside but I still probably kill more than I save. If I kill bugs anyway, it is probably more productive to eat them.

Ok, this analysis maybe getting out of hand. On another note, I do see how the impact bugs have on the life cycle of the earth since I currently compost and bugs play a vital role in that process. When’s the last time, however, that you have seen a vegetarian worry about how they treat bugs? I wish somebody was actually reading my blog so I could get some opinions. I am posting this in the hopes of getting some comments and being surprised by the number answers. So if you have any comments or thoughts, please add them below, Let the smart ass comments commence or better yet, provide a thoughtful answer. And yes I may just have too much time on my hands.