NHL Postseason is Some of the Best

by Larry

0000 nhl playoffsI have been consuming truck loads of playoff hockey the last two nights. While I love watching most sports, especially postseason, I probably enjoy watching the NHL Postseason as much as any. The level they escalate the game to and the amount of continuous action is unparalleled. The hitting is always fun too.

The other thing I enjoy is the refs’ ability to understand the impact of any penalties called and to try their best to just let them play. The refs do avoid the measly calls that are often made in the regular season. In just two nights I have seen three overtime games. One even going into triple overtime. With one goal handing in the balance to decide who wins the game after three periods of gut wrenching, exhaustion causing, no holds barred play.

Even if you don’t usually watch hockey I encourage you to try watching at least one NHL Playoff game. I have heard all the reasons why people don’t like watching hockey. From not being able to follow the puck, to not enough goals scored, to fighting being the only fun part to watch. Look closer and dig deeper. When it comes to playoff hockey, NHL Postseason is some of the best.