Back on the Blog Train – The Amazing World of Kickstarter

by Larry

000000000 kickstarterAfter a well deserved hiatus its back down to business. As hard as it was to blog everyday I did miss it during my short blogging break and I am happy to be back at it.

Just yesterday evening I was browsing Kickstarter because of my previous Facebook like of a completely recyclable shoe called ReKixx. I started perusing other Kickstarter offering campaigns and was completely blown away by the creativity. From Cella, to Soylent, to the Little Free Library, to Lix I was drawn in and wanting to buy one of everything. It used to be that inventors worked to create something in their dark basements, produce a bunch of them, and hope they would sell. Now inventions are thought up and put out there to see if somebody would buy them and hope they can be created if the demand is there. The world of innovation has exploded far beyond the box.

Kickstarter has shown the power of crowdsourcing to drive new ideas and concretize them into a creatable commodity. I just wish I had more money and space in my house to buy everything that sounded interesting. I don’t and it would be counter intuitive anyway to my efforts to simplify my life. But it’s neat to read through the dreams and inventions of others. Maybe one day I will be kickstarting something of my own.