Political Vomit

by Larry

000000000000000000000 politicsIt’s that time again, and our TV airways are flooding with attack ads. How about telling us the good things about yourself rather than the bad things about your opponent. I guess they don’t teach that trick in politicking school. Also, are these bozo’s so power hungry after making millions in the private sector that they are willing to take a high profile job that is highly stressful but has a lot smaller paycheck. In case you haven’t realized, these are rhetorical questions and I am just a bit fired up. I don’t expect you to answer them.

What I wouldn’t give for Jesse Ventura about now to plant his ass in my state and run for governor. Until that happens, I will just need to find a viable ballot candidate this time from the current residents of my state. I trust Montgomery Brewster to run my state more than the candidates from the majority parties currently running. It’s a sad state of affairs when we think the only viable opinions are those from two different ends of the spectrum. Until the rest of the world realizes that the Republicans and Democrats are in cahoots together so they only have to battle one other opponent, Mickey Mouse will probably be getting plenty of votes from me. Or maybe I will just resort to “None of the Above.”