What I learned from 2 Days without a Cell Phone

by Larry

00000 swimming iphoneWho knew that cell phones don’t like to swim? Well I found this out the hard way last Saturday. I actually knew that cell phones and water don’t mix but accidents do happen. On the drive over to our friends’ pool I made the stupid decision to put my cell phone in my swim trunks. I guess I just thought I would clear out my pockets before jumping in the pool. Uh… I guess not. So here are some of the things I learned from my two days without a cell phone.

1. Rice baths actually do help absorb water from within your cell phone.
2. Cell phones are amazingly resilient but not entirely indestructible.
3. iPhone’s have a tremendous number of neat accessibility options. Also known as, “How did they think of that?” options.
4. More data creates a more stress. Minds become much clearer with less information and less data clutter.
5. It’s hard to do things with something that doesn’t exactly work right but almost never impossible.

My cell phone is somewhat working with the wonders of Assistive Touch. It has served as a work around for my home button being broken. Of course now the SIM Card is messed up but that is a whole separate issue. At least it took 2 additional days before the water further whipped my phone into submission. Hopefully there is a creative Apple work around for the SIM Card not working or maybe I will just chose to eliminate my data stress.