All News is Bad News

by Larry

00000000 newspaperDespite the title of this blog post I don’t really believe it. Unfortunately mainstream media does. They get paid to sensationalize our world. Shock value sells. I wish I could say it is all the media’s fault but watching the rubber necking that occurs while driving past an accident scene I know we as a society are being delivered the evil stew we want. Also not all news is bad, you just have to dig deep into that newspaper haystack to find the shinning jewel of a needle. If you want to find only the good stories in your local newspaper, I suggest reading it backwards. That is correct as all the warm fuzzy stories are in the back. If you are saying what is a newspaper, you are letting the digital age blind you to some of the great physicality of life. Call me old fashioned but I love the smell of a fresh newspaper that gets black ink on your hands, and takes a PhD in origami to put it back together.

Enough with the sidetracking, now back to the point. The point is, we need more positive news in our society. The outlets are there but they are just not getting the recognition they deserve. I am encouraging everyone to spread the word. Two of my favorite good news sources are the Good News Network and Daily Good. Both serve up a hefty and filling warm fuzzy dinner. So share my blog or better yet, share the sites. They need the press more than I do.