The Sunday Night Grasp for Time

by Larry

000000000 sandAlmost all Sunday nights I try to grasp onto that little last bit of time. The time before I have to go to bed so I can get up Monday morning for another week of work. I imagine that most folks who don’t have their dream job go through similar rituals. It’s not like I am just staring at the clock watching the minutes wind down before bed time. I do, however, regularly check the time to see how much longer my weekend will be stretched.

Do you realize there are some individuals that love their jobs so much they look forward to Mondays? Warren Buffett is a great example. There is a reason a book about him was written titled “Tap Dancing to Work.” I long for the day in which I can feel the same way. Most people would say, “of course he loves his job, he has full control and is one of the richest men on earth.” Just think about it though; how many of you would still be going to your job if you had a few billion in the bank. And if you know much about Warren Buffett you will know that he made plenty of millions very early on in his career and easily could have retired at the age of 30. He didn’t though. He loved his job that much already.

So here I am, typing away and trying my best to slam on the clock breaks. Time, as always, is the most precious commodity each and every one of us has. Every day that commodity gets drained a smidgen more. The worst part about our time is, we truly don’t understand how much we have left before the time well runs dry. It’s unknown exactly like our death is unknown. If I am trying to depress myself it is definitely working. It’s time to be done so I can savor the last sweet morsels of this Sunday night’s time.