Freaky Coincidence Time

by Larry

0000 poker coincidenceAs I have blogged about before, I have been reading the dictionary two pages a day for just over two years. I have definitely not been doing it consistently since I would have been done long ago if I had. Well I happen to be on page 443 this evening and what word do I come upon at the conclusion of Passover? Matzo. If you are good at math then please comment as I am interested to know the chance of this occurring mathematically. The mathematical details are as follows:

1. Passover occurs once a year for 8 days.
2. The dictionary I am reading happens to be 852 pages long
3. There is 1 page with the word Matzo.

This is your chance to wow me with your math skills. Calculate away and leave your answer even if you only have an inkling of what it is. And don’t ask me for the answer or to validate your answer since I have no idea. I leave it to my readers to do the truly difficult tasks. Have Fun!