It’s About Time for a Poem, Poem

by Larry

My guts have no glory
and the hourglass is stuck in a sand of time
A bird killed a man with who held two stones
while an eye stared at an eye and neither got revenge

I am fond of being around those I love
and choking down some money
All the tools in my shed are sharp
and the rolling ball has stalled

The moon glowed blue permanence
But I wasn’t tough enough to move a muscle
Monkey mime’s were copying each other
As a flock of feathers fell together

I ate the cake in the shape of a two
While the store only had a half dozen nickles
My mind is on two parallel tracks
and my dog and cat both don umbrellas

All I can think of is pennies
while our scratchy backs merge
Time to build out more of Rome in lightening fast speed
I am sure this poem will come around again,
if not, it most certainly will go around.