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The Poem I almost Didn’t Publish – Covid Thoughts and Other Societal Ills.

A Poem fart jumps out of my pen,
fumes putrid to some but butterly prints to others

A world scoured with pain as I rummage through the internet
hoping to capture a modicum of warm cozy news.

Poker in an electronic hand held box shields me from the worst of what society plans to tattoo on my brain.

Financial markets swing back and forth, one day impending doom, the next day a cataclysmic orgasm.

Every last member of society seems to be blind to the country’s fresh and new skin being born under society’s enormous nasty scab.

I’m protected by my own little dream bubble that somehow allows me to spend most days exactly as I want. Minus in-person interactions and excursions with various humanoids I adore.

My immediate family gets more of me physically but not as much mentally. I guess these are the inevitable chains of a philosophical brain volcano.

Thoughts continuously erupting, small embers of the past and fiery ideas of the future. The best and worst of emotions under control by the wonders of modern day pharmacology.

Oh how I long to get back on the meditation train, so I can revolve around on the circular track of the present moment.


Overdue Poem Post

Tragically slap stick news alerts,
makes my skin crawl with Zika swelling mosquito bites
There is not enough toilet paper in the world
To clean up these shit candidates

Infuse my veins with some Gary Vee,
My Boy ET

My eyes bleed
from the social media backstabbing
electronic friends becoming arch enemies

Do you hear what I am saying?
Or is the ram’s horn too muted and stuffed
with tear soaked Kleenex

Deliver me some numbing cream
straight into my brain
A beer
A Coke
The gym
A joke

Do I need another line…
Nah, just drop the mic one time!!
Yes, a cliche

Abundance in the Corner

Abundance in the corner hiding like a haystack needle.
The human race staring down a hair pin turning gun,
which they just don’t realize has an irremovable safety cap.

The heavens rain chocolate marble drops,
that have outer cushions to brace your mouth from the heavy pain of solidity.

The Good News Network blasts truth through an air horn,
which as always, is muffled
by the evening’s headlines.

We need to look very deep
into our inner core
for the funny bones
and the smiling serotonins.

They mime the truth into an ear that can’t hear
and into an eyeball looking through a pin hole.
This pinhole has the power to reflect amazement
that we can’t see with the naked eye.

Just one example, an eclipse.

So jump your senses into action, like a cryogenic therapy chamber.
Search for the glory of existence
in the haystack of despair.

Gut Wrenching Emotions

Feel and accept fear through soft belly meditation
The pain of an arterial episode is transformed into body shivers and boxing glove swollen hands
Will tomorrow bring the right reading for the right levels
Or will the fear slam the meditation like a gut wrenching sucker punch

Sleep is slowly crawling away and escaping me like a snail dressed in camouflage
Food shards slice my stomach, no blandness seems to dull the blade

Media box distractions, tank of sharks and minutes of 60
Writings become the impossible as words fail to capture the Hiroshima emotions
6 Million gone and remembered while I am a screaming dust speck that hopes to matter
Grasp deep for a positive outlet, its my skin of innateness

Can’t write no more
Can’t think no more
Can’t sleep no more
Can’t eat no more

Can continue to sit here doing absolutely nothing.

Yes, Another Poem

The April showers pitter patter on my brain
creating a short circuiting
electrical mess.
Hopefully cerebrum flowers are just May away.

The cyclical bullshit is getting older
than the worn down rubber wheels of a 57 Chevy.
Crush through the roadblock and unlock
the hidden gift city behind it.

I can taste the rewards of overcoming
a rocky road.
A sweet drop of honey
dancing on my tongue.

I won’t let the world hijack
and hold my dreams hostage.
My resolve is a societal militia,
destroying the ever present evil.

It’s About Time for a Poem, Poem

My guts have no glory
and the hourglass is stuck in a sand of time
A bird killed a man with who held two stones
while an eye stared at an eye and neither got revenge

I am fond of being around those I love
and choking down some money
All the tools in my shed are sharp
and the rolling ball has stalled

The moon glowed blue permanence
But I wasn’t tough enough to move a muscle
Monkey mime’s were copying each other
As a flock of feathers fell together

I ate the cake in the shape of a two
While the store only had a half dozen nickles
My mind is on two parallel tracks
and my dog and cat both don umbrellas

All I can think of is pennies
while our scratchy backs merge
Time to build out more of Rome in lightening fast speed
I am sure this poem will come around again,
if not, it most certainly will go around.

Rainbow of Another Life

Life’s emotional pitchfork

scares me like a blade of danger.

A soulless wrinkled casing is prepared for disintegration

as the rainbow of another life rises into the air.

The sky cries steel

while a pirate smiles, a crescent moon.

The genetic chain is the glue of guilt

from my 31st cousin, the human race.


is my day of mourning death,

and my day of celebrating life,

for the rest of eternity.