Missed it By That Much

by Larry

0000 sad faceSo here I am at the computer after falling asleep on the couch while watching the baseball game.  It’s 27 minutes passed midnight and I have technically failed my April blog-a-thon.  And I was doing so well and was getting so close to the end.  Some would say it’s close enough but for me I feel that would be cheating.  Will I finish out the month anyway??  Absolutely!  A combination of my Dad having surgery today (which went fine), and me having one too many Gin & Tonic’s this evening caused my body to be just too tired to make it.  To my faithful readers, all 38 followers I believe at this point, I apologize for letting you down.  I still feel I have gained a lot from this experience and maybe even became a better writer along the way.  Sad but sleepy, that’s all I have for this evening or this morning I should say.