Lower Your Expectations

by Larry

Call me crazy but I don’t believe in etiquette. To me, it really just feels like an excuse to blame others for not conforming to society’s pressure to do what’s expected. Who created these expectations? Even I tend to bow down to the pressures of conformity but at least I am trying to break through these restraints.

I am calling for a everyone to lower the expectations of others and increase the expectations of themselves. We spend way too much time focusing on what others are doing rather than focusing on what we are doing. We lose sight of the big picture and focus on the worthless grains of sand. Call me cruel, but adherence to etiquette should be a nice to have rather than a must have. Through the veil of my eyes there are few “musts” in life. Musts include breathing if you want to stay alive. Dying at some point after you are born. Everything else is just the filling you choose in a must bread sandwich. The world would be a better place if we all focused on being the best “I” we can be and stop worrying about the best “you” everyone else should be.

Wow, this blog post is getting way too deep for comfort. Maybe its just my seasonal April depression coming on. Luckily my fingers have fight and my brain has pills. I say yum to the synaptic sweethearts. The more I write the more I feel like Happy Harry Hard On in the movie “Pump Up the Volume.” Continuing to type when nobody is listening and continuing to think I am alone while a listener base is brewing. I gotta say, I am beginning to love the stench of my coffee breath fan base. Keep quietly paying attention and fight the urge to swallow an etiquette breath mint.