My 3 Guilty TV Pleasures

by Larry

00000 TVOutside of sports and movies, I am not really that much of a TV watcher. In fact, if it wasn’t for sports, I would have probably cancelled cable years ago. There are actually 4 shows I watch pretty consistently but I never feel guilty for watching the cerebral ballooning show they call Jeopardy. As a result, Jeopardy has been left off the list. Don’t judge, and here we go…

1. Shark Tank – I hope to one day become an entrepreneur myself so this feels more like a educational program than a reality TV show. That being said, I really like listening to the sharks evaluate and try and quantify the ideas that are presented to them. I have had way too many, “damn, why didn’t I think of that” moments which in itself brings fun and excitement to the watching experience. Not to mention, I can never get enough of Mr. Wonderful saying… “Stop the Madness!”

2. The Profit – Are you beginning to see a trend here? While relatively new, this Marcus guy really knows how to run a business. Either that or he is an extremely good actor. It could be the later but I love the show anyway. It amazes me that many of the small business he interacts with continually fight this master CEO. They are either really stupid or the show encourages them to do so. One is real and the other makes for great TV. So from a show perspective its a win/win.

3. The Millionaire Matchmaker
– What can I say about this. I am a scummy voyeur that loves watching stuck up millionaires try and find love. Even better is when Patti insults them and uses her leather whip tongue to try and cleanse them of their bad dating habits. Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story. You can puke now! Either way, I am embarrassed to say I watch this show but who gives a crap. Sometimes you have to put entertainment value ahead of your own ego.

So that’s it! Time for me to check my DVR and see which episodes of the three shows above I need to get caught up on. After all, the show must go on.