Blank Slate Blog

by Larry

000 blank slateSo I almost messed up and missed a blog post today. But there is a keen difference between a close call and a true miss. Today I ended a two month journey to finding out the true cause of the various back and neck pain I have been having. I ran into Murphy and his crazy laws today in that my neck pain has been almost non-existent now that I know what it is and what to do once the pain returns. The pain doc is on call for the epidural cure all. Hopefully I won’t need to use the proverbial emergency pager. Until then, it will be back to the gym this weekend but with a more gentle approach.

You are probably wondering why I am calling this the blank slate blog. It’s because I had no content in mind when I opened up this page. I apologize for making you choke down this stream of consciousness written pollution. Hopefully you have some Chaucer on hand for a editorial detox. Today was one of those good days that doesn’t happen consistently. I went into work late, had a good conversation with a great doctor, played basketball with my daughter after work, and had dinner with my mother. And then I had to pull out this blog thorn right before bed… Ouch! Time for a band-aid. See you tomorrow!