Who is in your DNA?

by Larry

Have you ever had something, someone, or some experience that was so core to you growing up that it became part of your DNA? While there are many for me, one that sticks out most recently is the band from Minneapolis called The Suburbs. I grew up idolizing this group like a high pitch screaming girl at a Beatles concert. I saw them multiple times in concert and even started playing their songs in my own rock band. The first song my Junior High rock band learned was Number 9 by The Suburbs. While we were relatively new to playing music together, I remember learning this song to be extremely difficult. We ultimately pulled it off but it never really sounded like I had hoped. It’s as if we were playing this song like a monkey puppet with too many strings.

What got me thinking of my childhood and how this band impacted it was their post on Facebook of an upcoming concert in New York City. Despite the death of one previous member and the retirement of another, they had enough gumption to revive The Suburbs six stringed defibrillator. They hustled on Kickstarer and were able to raise just over $73,000. Even though they will never quite be the classic band I grew up listening to with a jubilus ear, I am so excited to see them back and revving again like a Harley engine.

If you have the chance, I highly recommend checking out their web site and maybe even buying their new CD Si Sauvage. I have to say that this plug is totally self serving as I am hoping they will regain popularity enough to make a trip down to my neck of the woods. What have you got to lose except a few minutes that you would probably lose anyway surfing a very flat internet wave.