Here I Go Again

by Larry

So I am just getting started on my second blog.  Yes, I am crazy enough to try and manage two blogs at once.  Now for full time writers and bloggers this maybe a simple task but for me it is a monstrous task since I have a full time job and I have two full time daughters.  Sure I would like some part time daughters but I don’t know where to find them.  So why do I need two blogs you ask?  Well this blog is going to be less structured and less focused than my other blog.  My posts here could be about anything but will mostly focuses on the crazy life experiences and observations I have on a regular basis.  It will also be more stream of conscious thoughts rather than posts with careful reviewing and editing.  Because of this, I apologize in advance for any typographical or spelling errors.  But some of the best writing is raw and cold like meat hanging in a butcher shop.  It just contains whatever you think of whenever you think of it, with the finalization of throwing it down on paper.

roller coasterI will also post some of my poetry periodically.  Mostly when I can’t think of anything substantial to say and therefore must lean on my short yet creative poetry muscle.  So buckle up, grab a hand rail, and hold on tight because we are going for a ride!