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Yes, I Chose Sleep Over the Eclipse

eclipseAs you all know, there was tons of hype in regards to the eclipse that occurred on Monday. Yes, ideally I would have liked to have watched it live myself. But at the end of the day, I chose my eyelid eclipse over the actual eclipse. I also figured the video and pictures professionals would capture would be much better than my own. And I was spot on.

I think if I lived in the path of totality I might have been much more inclined to loose some sleep to watch it live. But not being in that path, not having glasses to truly look up and watch it, and not being enthused about the dullness of experiencing it through a pin hole camera… I chose sleep. Boy do I feel rested and my retinas are totally in tact.

Gut Wrenching Emotions

Feel and accept fear through soft belly meditation
The pain of an arterial episode is transformed into body shivers and boxing glove swollen hands
Will tomorrow bring the right reading for the right levels
Or will the fear slam the meditation like a gut wrenching sucker punch

Sleep is slowly crawling away and escaping me like a snail dressed in camouflage
Food shards slice my stomach, no blandness seems to dull the blade

Media box distractions, tank of sharks and minutes of 60
Writings become the impossible as words fail to capture the Hiroshima emotions
6 Million gone and remembered while I am a screaming dust speck that hopes to matter
Grasp deep for a positive outlet, its my skin of innateness

Can’t write no more
Can’t think no more
Can’t sleep no more
Can’t eat no more

Can continue to sit here doing absolutely nothing.