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Practice Makes Improvement and the Power of Consistency

Weekly Calendar Chalk DrawingLast night, after my blog post, I was reading through a bunch of my previous posts. I know this sounds corny, but I was actually impressed with some of my earlier work. The most impressive pieces were written in April of 2014 when I was trying to challenge myself to write a blog post everyday for a month. Coincidentally, this was also the month in which I receive the most blog views. In other words, consistency brought more viewers to my blog. Sensical?? Of course!! I also like to think that my improved writing was a factor. Looking back, there was only one month that was even close to April 2014 in terms of views. That was September of 2013, the first month I started by blog. That part seems kind of strange, especially since the first month should be the hardest to get people to view and read your posts.

Many people think that one of the keys to viewership is promoting a blog. I have not done this as of yet and my blog is like a mask that is glued to my face. I am not ready for the big reveal. Therefore, the popularity of viewed posts can’t have anything to do with promoting. All this leads me to believe that there is one additional factor outside of consistency and improvement. That factor is basically, the early hype. Not sure how this early hype can happen with an unknown blog but I kind of think of it as the “Grand Opening” affect. The grand opening brings in streams of new people to test out the new concept and then the hype just trickles away.

What does all this mean. It means I am going to try to be more consistent in my blog posts. I don’t expect you to share this with others, but if you do that would certainly make things interesting. Especially if it disproves everything I have said up to this point.

Nap, the Great Energizer

00000 n-for-napI am currently reading the book Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott. It is a book about not only about writing but about life. I can’t exactly read a book about writing and not actually write something. It would be like Ronaldo getting paid millions of dollars to read about how to improve his soccer game and never take to the field. Yes, I have been wrapped up in the World Cup hype and for those people who say it is boring, they can just go watch some golf and leave me alone.

If you can believe it, I have actually chosen to write about naps. At face value, they seem like a short rejuvenation at best and a complete waste of time at worst. But if you scratch and dig your way into the depths of the ground you are likely to find a pearl inside the dirty nap shell. There is a reason that most of Europe takes time after lunch to nap before heading back to the office. It’s the productivity stupid. There is a reason that after a short 20 minute snooze you feel like a completely new person ready to tackle the world. It’s the Vitamin C Power in the phrase Power Nap!

A nap truly is the Energizer bunny on crack. Ok, don’t get so technical as I am not talking about the nap itself. I am talking about the sweet juicy center that oozes upon waking. Next time you get awakened abruptly when you are having a nice little snooze, tell the distraction to go away and leave you alone. If they want energy from you, they will allow you to nap and refuel.

With that, I am off to take another nap.