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00000 whac a moleMy back pain these days is like a painful game of Whac-A-Mole. You know that classic physical hammer game where a plastic mole jumps up as you try and bonk it on the head before it goes down and the next one pops back up. Well that is the way my back pain has been the last few months. The middle of my back hurts and then I whack that pain away, and then my upper back hurts and I whack that pain away, and then my lower back hurts and I try and whack that mole away.

Today the lower pain mole has reared his ugly head and I have yet to whack him into submission. Thanks to The Google, I have learned some quick exercises to specifically to help rectify lower back pain. That and some merry go round ice and hot pack therapy will hopefully whip me back into shape in no time. Or just in time for the next mole to arise.

Gut Wrenching Emotions

Feel and accept fear through soft belly meditation
The pain of an arterial episode is transformed into body shivers and boxing glove swollen hands
Will tomorrow bring the right reading for the right levels
Or will the fear slam the meditation like a gut wrenching sucker punch

Sleep is slowly crawling away and escaping me like a snail dressed in camouflage
Food shards slice my stomach, no blandness seems to dull the blade

Media box distractions, tank of sharks and minutes of 60
Writings become the impossible as words fail to capture the Hiroshima emotions
6 Million gone and remembered while I am a screaming dust speck that hopes to matter
Grasp deep for a positive outlet, its my skin of innateness

Can’t write no more
Can’t think no more
Can’t sleep no more
Can’t eat no more

Can continue to sit here doing absolutely nothing.