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The Courtesy Blog

00000 courtesyThis is the 2nd to last post for my April blog-a-thon. While I have technically failed (look back at my “Missed it By That Much” post), I am going to finish this sucker out. I really don’t have much energy left and this time is not due to the blog-a-thon difficulty. I have basically been living my life, the last few days, between home and the hospital with my Dad. He is improving but there have been some complications that will likely extended his stay. I have not been to work since Thursday of last week and tomorrow will be my first day back. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have some grand finale to share as my last blog ends the month of April. Stay tuned as I crawl my way to the finish line.

Success Takes Discipline and Perseverance

000000 disciplineWhen I started this challenge to blog once a day, every day for the month of April it seemed challenging but achievable. Once again, I am learning that success on a goal or task takes discipline. It’s like when I started reading the 852 page Merriam-Webster dictionary over two years ago. Just 2 pages a day in 426 days and the task is completed. The whole dictionary read in under 15 months. But here I am in year three still only just over half way done for that particular goal. It is becoming the same with this blogging task. It gets late in the evening and no thought for a blog comes to my head. Or I have a bunch of other tasks and think, “how can I get to blogging today.” This is no April Fool’s Joke and you can be damn sure I am not giving up. Sure I could just type a couple quick sentences one day and call it a blog. But that just feels like cheating to me. I want to succeed at the challenge fair and square. Whether you are rooting for me to succeed, or rooting for me to fail, at least I may have taught you something. Or maybe not.

I can’t help but find parallels between this concept and the concept of marriage. When you first get married you are all in love, everything is great, and its going to be easy to just live happily ever after. You know that the divorce rate is 50% but you can do this. You are different than the others. People let their emotions cloud their brains. Marriage, like success, takes discipline and perseverance. Its hard damn work just like most things you want to be successful at. Good luck trying to tell a young couple who is madly in love that marriage is hard damn work. Try it, I dare you. I would be shocked if you didn’t get a smirk or even worse yet, laughed at. We tend to not listen well enough to the experienced, elderly, and the wise. They have take your road and weathered all the pot holes.

Well that’s all for tonight. Another blog down as painful as it may be. I hope you will see my post tomorrow, assuming I have the discipline and perseverance to succeed at the April Blog-A-Thon.

Blog-A-Thon Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of April’s Blog-A-Thon. Yesterday’s post was pretty silly but today’s post is going to be a little more serious. Just a few days ago on Facebook, a friend of mine posted a short story titled “The Egg” by Andy Weir. Prior to reading it I had never heard of the author nor the story. I was totally blown away! I am not going to go into too many details but it is a great read that everyone should experience. It basically outlines Andy’s view of the utopian interconnectedness of the universe. While it is meant to be fiction it could easily be misconstrued as the explanation for all of existence.

I consider myself far from religious, but for me this story truly hit home. In my own definition, I consider myself a practicing Jew with a Buddhist heart. I rate the impact of a artistic piece by the number of days I think about it after experiencing it. Since reading this story I continue to struggle with removing it from my mind. It’s imprinted on my brain like a scabbed over tattoo. Why is this? Maybe because of its depiction that no particular religion is correct. It has always bothered me that any one religion could consider itself the only path to God. Maybe its because he found a great explanation for the melding of all that is good and bad in this world.

Don’t let the religious overtones mentioned here impede you from reading it. Andy himself is agnostic so most people should get something out of it. I will end the blog here because I don’t want to drain all the juice out of my writing cerebrum. Read “The Egg” and then come back tomorrow. I look forward to blogging for the internet that is not listening.