How Can I Provide Value?

by Larry

00000000000 valueEverything I have been reading these days about successful companies and blogs boils down to providing value to their customers or readers. I struggle with this concept since my initial reason for this blog was to blow off steam and get things off my chest. Especially this particular blog which has always been more stream of consciousness bullshit. I guess based on this, my value is to provide entertainment to my readers while simultaneously blowing off verbal steam. But maybe my viewership and/or follower base is still small because my posts are dull. Maybe its because my posts are now sporadic and not once a week like they used to be.

Well I will let you in on a little secret… I hope to one day use blogs for my future business, but that can’t be done while I am currently employed in the corporate abyss. Once that black hole fails and ultimately spits me out rather than swallows me whole, you will get to see what I am talking about. The real value then, will flow like the Yangtze. Until that time, you will just need to settle for the entertainment train or get off at the next stop. All Aboard!!