Forget Calm, The Legend of Flappy Bird, and Wag Till Your Tail Falls Off

000 no free imageI realize that there are times that a great saying or bumper sticker comes out and folks can’t wait to stick it to their vehicles. Or maybe they end up posting it in their cube at work or wearing it on a t-shirt. Has our society become so unoriginal that people think its cool to display something that 50 million other people display. I don’t want to stay calm, I want to get tickle toed crazy! I don’t want to bark less, I want to wag so much my tail falls off. Maybe I am also following the pack by being overly cynical but that is not my intention. Does intention even matter?

Has the opinion of others become the massive anvil that can crush any individual small or large. It pains me to see one creative video game developer get so inundated with the opinion of the public to toss away $50,000 a day. When my 9 year old daughter loves the game and can regurgitate the story, you know that public pressure is out of control. Stay strong, find your voice, and don’t let the screaming public give you laryngitis. Your own little flappy bird deserves to fly free and soar for as long as it can fight the winds of death.